Certified international
on-line mediation training program
Edwards Mediation Academy (USА)
& Ukrainian Mediation Center


Upon completion, all successful students receive an international certificate recognized in the United States and other countries of the world.

Graduates of the program become members of the international community of EMA and UMC

Study in any time,
convenient personaly for you

The course can be taken at the students’ chosen time and location. There are no timetable and schedules of visits, no deadlines for the study of various modules.

No need to spend money on traveling and living abroad to obtain a prestigious international certificate.

The course is
taught in English

English allows students to learn mediation skills from some of the world’s most successful mediators, founders of the industry in the U.S.

English proficiency at intermediate level is required.

45+ hours Edwards Mediation Academy’s online course


Developed by experts in the fields of both mediation and high-quality distance learning, the course is structured so students receive the theory and practical skill development necessary for success in a career in mediation.

15 hours  Practical sessions with trainers-mediators of UCM


Mediation simulations (case play) are practical exercises focused on the participants’ comprehensive testing of the skills and techniques of the mediator by working through case simulations — UCM’s training materials

One may opt for language for coaching and assessment


The course is provided in English, however assessments and feedback can be submitted and provided in English, Ukrainian or Russian.

Mediation Skills & Coaching online program and structure
The course serves both those beginning their professional path as a mediator and practicing dispute resolution professionals looking to complete their knowledge and skills set.
For whom is this course?
It is geared toward lawyers, personnel managers, business executives, state executives, social services officials, human rights officers and representatives of any profession that works with people in conflict.
Сourse program
Upon completing the course, students will get knowledge of the mediation process and a number of analytical skills needed to mediate all types of disputes, including complex cases.

1. Principles of Mediation
2. Convening
3. Communication
4. Apology & Forgiveness
5. Opening

6. Emotions
7. Culture & Bias
8. Negotiation
9. Ethics
10. Careers

The eleventh module is 15 hours of practical coaching, which can be visited in person at UCM in Kiev (the schedule for a possible visit will be provided to each registered student) or online by means of participating in eight video sessions in groups of 2-3 students and one coach.
Program founders

Edwards Mediation Academy

Was founded in 2014 by one of the leading and most experienced American mediators, Bruce Edwards. He, along with his wife and partner, Susan Franson Edwards, devote themselves to enhancing the overall practical experience of mediation professionals around the world. Built upon the merging of two new social shifts — the use of mediation as a system-based approach to dispute resolution in the modern legal system and improvement of online learning opportunities to support traditional classroom learning, EMA courses are used around the world. All EMA courses are taught by recognized pioneers and industry experts in the field of mediation.

Ukrainian Center of Mediation

UCM is one of the best recognized the highest standard for the training of practicing mediators and providers of mediation services and sets, both in Ukraine and abroad.

UCM mediation coaches are practicing mediators and experts in their field, authors of unique practical cases based on their own experience and have developed innovative educational projects in the area of mediation in educational institutions internationally.

The head of UCM, Galina Eremenko, Ph.D., a recognized international expert in mediation, together with a team of partners and graduates of the center, has created an unprecedented project on mediation in Ukraine, using many innovative teaching methods including gamification and online learning.

One can chose whether take practical coaching of off-line in Kiev or on-line

Mediation simulations (case play) are practical exercises focused on the participants’ comprehensive testing of the skills and techniques of the mediator by working through case simulations — UCM’s training materials developed over the years by practicing mediators of the center – and followed by individualized feedback from coaches to students.

This proposed teaching method is recognized as the best way to effectively master the skills of a successful mediator and, at the moment, such mode of on-line coaching in Russian is offered only at UCM. UCM trainers working in coaching sessions are fully endorsed by Edwards Mediation Academy.

Another interesting course on mediation has gone through. 10 modules, 40 hours — is a new experience in the on-line course on mediation, and I would like to say that a very positive one. Each module is accompanied by video, practice exercises, cases and homework. Bruce is the mediator, whom I saw in “fields”, accompanying  his real mediations. More than 20 years of experience, his  main specialization is  construction industry disputes, but he is often addressed to with respect to  other commercial disputes.

He has an outstanding reputation within mediators, lawyers and the business community, and is a JAMS mediator. When passing all modules and performing homework with the required score an international certificate is issued / USA /. To be honest, my  40 hours stretched out for 4.5 months))). But, new knowledge were gained and those I had already owned were deepened. By the way, the course is accredited by the California Bar Association. I wish everyone the motivation to improve their professional level in the field of mediation and even more!

Fidana Alieva

CEO of Centre for Mediation and Negotiation, Kyrgyzstan

Q: The course begins on a specific date, can a participant start separately?

A: Each participant can start the course at any time and pass it in a convenient mode, the course is available 24/7. Training is built with on-line modules, so that students can work at their own pace and convenient place.

Q: How is the certification carried out?

A: Evaluation is carried out according to the completed homework, which can be done in English, Russian or Ukrainian, at the choice of participants. According to the results of the assesments, students receive individual feedback in the chosen language of assessment.
According to the results of written assignments and 15 hours of practical coaching, students receive final points and a certificate.

Q: What is the cost of EMA courses, how is the payment carried out?

A: The cost of the course is $ 499. The payment is made with credit card using  the Edwards Mediation Academy website, to which anyone is automatically redirected to, pressing the button.

The cost of this course includes 40 hours of theory and 15 hours of practical coaching from Ukrainian Mediation Center coaches, the benefit that ‘s not offered by any other EMA program or other online provider.

Q: What are the training modules comprised of?

A: Modules include detailed instructions, expert mediator comments, text and practice role-playing games that show real life situations. Each module provides a written assignment that is intended to consolidate and comprehend the acquired knowledge. Participants will also have the opportunity to go through the mediation step by step through a real procedure specially designed for this course, as if you are sitting at a real negotiation table with the mediator and the parties.

Q: How much time is given to take this EMA course?

A: Once you start this EMA course, it is active for 6 months from the start date.
However, we understand that the foreseeable circumstances are possible, if such things happen and you need more time to complete the course, contact us individually.

Q: Are there any technical requirements for taking the EMA course?

A: No, you can work with modules from a laptop or a smartphone

  • Windows: Internet Explorer 8 and later, Microsoft Edge (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)
  • Mac: Safari 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)
  • Mobile: Safari on Apple iOS 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version) on Android 4.1 and higher
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